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First Physical Asset Investing Experience for Our Little One

First Physical Asset Investing Experience for Our Little One
First Physical Asset Investing Experience for Our Little One

First Physical Asset Investing Experience for Our Little One

As new parents who are not equipped with "proper" financial knowledge from their respective families, coupled with the financial test at the beginning of marriage. For me personally, it is very influential on the small family life that I have built with my partner.

Armed with the remaining emergency fund before resigning, I finally decided to take a financial planner for basic class. After attending the class, there were many things that changed my mindset, especially in managing family finances. Although it took time, it slowly started to pay off.

Luckily, even though I'm in a period of "tirakat", I am committed to managing my little one's funds properly since he was born. Every fund that I receive with the contract "for the little one" I try to separate it separately into digital savings.

The advantages of digital savings in this era are very helpful for separating the management of savings funds like this. Without having to create a new savings account, we can manage our little one's savings in our own savings without having to worry about the money being mixed up. Even other expenses can be separated into one savings account.

Reflecting on myself, I strive for my children's financial literacy to be better than their parents. Including writing this experience is one of my endeavors so that one day he can know how his funds are managed.

After a few years of improving family finances and managing the little one's funds in some form of paper assets. Paper assets are financial assets in the form of savings, deposits, mutual funds, stocks, and the like. Finally, I started to have the courage to manage these paper assets into physical assets.

Physical assets are financial assets in the form of gold, gemstones, land, apartments, condotels, and gold teak trees. The physical asset that I am investing in this time for my little one is a physical asset in the form of gold metal.

Why switch from paper assets like savings and deposits to physical assets like gold? Of course, the main factor is that in addition to avoiding inflation, the value of gold which continues to increase in price per year both nationally and globally is another advantage when compared to savings and deposits.

Like most newbies, I didn't know where to buy trusted precious metals, how much they cost, and other newbie questions. However, since the Finance for Basics class I attended a few years ago still has a group, I asked around and some of the group members were very kind enough to provide me with the information I needed.

From there, I learned that the official place to buy Antam precious metals in Jakarta is located in Pulo Gadung. But now, in addition to offline shopping, we can also shop online at the logammulia.com website.

Even on the site we can find out gold prices, the latest promos, exhibitions, other important information such as thematic gold and shop for gold or precious metals online of course. So that we can estimate the value of rupiah that will be spent whether to buy 1 gram, 3 grams, 5 grams, or 10 grams of gold.

Although I could shop online, I wanted to feel the vibes when shopping offline. Finally from the site, we learned that we didn't need to go all the way to Pulo Gadung and could simply transact at the branch office located in the Sudirman area. Of course, this branch office is closer to our house.

When we got there, there were many people we met to do precious metal transactions. But uniquely, there were many new parents like us who had also brought their children to start investing in physical assets. This means that even though we seem late, it's better late than never.

The buying process was easy. After getting a queue number, we were asked to wait until the number was called. When we met with the officer, the officer informed us about the products clearly so that we knew which product to buy.

The payment process is also easy, either by cash, bank transfer, or virtual account. Be sure to bring administrative documents such as KTP and NPWP when buying precious metals offline.

With a simple process, your child can finally own their first physical asset to use for the next 5 to 10 years. It would be even better if this physical investment is done regularly to get the expected return value. That's all, I hope this experience of investing in your child's first physical asset is useful.

Karimah Iffia Rahman
Karimah Iffia Rahman Seorang ibu yang kini melanjutkan studi S2 jurusan Kebijakan Publik. Karya pertamanya yang berhasil diterbitkan berada dalam Buku Antologi Menyongsong Society 5.0. Sebagian pemasukan dari artikel berbayar pada blog ini disalurkan untuk pendidikan anak-anak yatim dan duafa. Untuk bekerjasama ataupun menjadi donatur pendidikan S2 yang sedang ditempuh, dipersilahkan menghubungi via iffiarahman@gmail.com

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